How To Get Bouncy and Curly Hair with Heatless Curling Devices

heatless curler

Heat-curling appliances may help you to get curly hair instantly, but they also do significant damage to your hair. You may be happy with instant curls, but you do not know how much damage you are doing to your hair. Therefore, these appliances are doing more harm in the long term. Fortunately, some appliances such as heatless hair curler set can be used to get beautiful curls without causing damage to your hair.

When it comes to creating beauty and add more definition to your hair, then heatless curling appliances are the best options. Want to know the heatless curling appliances which you can use to get the beautiful curls without using heat:

Bathrobe Curls

You may be surprised to know that bathrobe is used as a heatless curling tool. With the help of the bathrobe, you can easily get amazing curls without leading to any damage to your hair. When it comes to getting curls with a bathrobe, then you need to have some patience. You may not able to get curls instantly, but you will definitely get beautiful curls after waiting for long. First of all, you should apply a curling cream to your hair to bring moisture and repair broken ends. We recommend you place the tie of the bathrobe on your head. You should place the bathrobe in such a way that both sides fall on your ears.  After that, you should divide the hair from the middle. Now, start twisting each side in such a way that your hair also gets rolled up. We recommend securing both sides with the help of the rubber tie. You have to leave it overnight to get the beautiful curls in the morning.

Flexi Rods

The Flexi rods are famous among the girls and guys because it helps in getting flawless and voluminous curls. These curling appliances will help you to get amazing curls that last for long. The Flexi roads are available in various lengths and sizes so that anyone with different hair lengths can use them. To obtain beautiful curls, you should apply styling products to your hair. If you want to ensure your curls stay for long, then you have to use Flexi road and do not remove them until you have completely dry hair. You should invest in this heatless hair curler set. 

Hair Rollers

Hair rollers are one of the stunning tools for creating amazing curls. Hair rollers are not new and these have been used for decades. Creating curls with hair rollers is one of the tried and tested methods. Therefore, I am adding this technique to my list. We recommend you get a set of rollers that will help you to create voluminous and attractive curls. To create the curls with hair rollers, you just need to grab a section of hair and roll it on the hair roller. We recommend you apply a little amount of mousse to your hair. It will help in getting beautiful curls in no time. We recommend securing the roller in its place and repeat for other sections of hair. We recommend you sit these rollers on your hair for a few hours.

Sock Bun Curls

It is also an amazing way to create bouncy and long-lasting curls. We recommend you apply the curling cream on your hair so that your hair can have some hold and definition. With the help of an alligator clip, you should make sections of your hair. After that, gran a sock and precisely place it near the roots of your hair. You should wrap your hair around the sock and twist it up in the form of a doughnut. Leave it for the whole night. Ultimately, you will get the new curly hairdo.

Pin Curls

When we talk about classic pin curl, then it reminds us of old Hollywood glam. These classic pins can be used to create beautiful heatless curls. Make your hair wet and after that create the sections which are about an inch in size. You should pick the end of one of the sections. After that, tuck hair around your finger and roll it up. Keep rolling until you reach the roots. Finally, secure this section of hair with hairpins. You have to keep repeating it until you cover the entire hair.  If you find these pins hurting, then we recommend you use ribbon hair curlers.

Bantu Knots

The Bantu knots are also popular for creating frizz-free and heatless curls. If you want to try this method, then make two sections of your hair. Twist these sections from roots to ends. Create two tiny buns by using these two sections.  You have to repeat the process until you get various Bantu knots. Leave these knots for the whole night and open up in the morning. To keep your curls long-lasting, apply hair spray. 

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